The Art of Great Candid Photos

Capturing candid moments is one of the most rewarding aspects of photography, and its amongst my favourite kinds of photos to take! It requires a keen eye and quick reflexes, but when done correctly, it can result in images that perfectly capture a moment in time. If you’re looking for tips on how to take great candids, look no further! Here’s what you need to know about photographing amazing candids.

Set the Mood and Find Your Angle

The key to taking great candids is getting your subject comfortable enough with you that they don’t pose or fake their reactions. I always am prepared to invest a little time in getting to know my clients- what is their story? How did they meet? By opening up a light hearted conversation, I am also putting my clients at ease which comes through in their photos. To do this, make sure you set the right mood before you start shooting. Talk to them about something they’re interested in, tell jokes, or just be yourself – anything that will help them relax and open up to you. Once your client is comfortable with you as a photographer, it’s time to find your angle. Look around and try different perspectives until you find the one that best captures the essence of the moment. Build portions of the scenery into your shot. Are the clouds forming an arc in the sky? Stand your couple under that arc. Does a branch form a small archway? Look for tiny details in your surroundings that help beautify your shots.

Be Patient, Attentive and Prepared

Once you have your angle figured out, the next step is to be patient, allow your clients to relax and interact with each other, and wait for the perfect moment. Don’t expect it to happen immediately – chances are it won’t – so be prepared for an extended shoot if necessary. I encourage my clients to pretend I’m not there and just be themselves. It often works! Be ready for those unexpected moments when something special happens between your subjects; you might be reviewing your shots and they spontaneously peck each other- be ready! Watch your subjects closely so that when something does happen, you can quickly snap the shot without missing any details or movements. Pay particular attention to bits of emotion- a tearful mother, a father filled with sentiment, or genuine love reflecting in a couple’s gaze. These are the best kinds of candids to capture!

Adjust Your Camera Settings

The last thing you want is for a shot that could have been brilliant to end up being too dark or blurry because of incorrect camera settings. Make sure all of your settings are adjusted correctly before pressing the shutter button; double-check things like shutter speed, aperture, ISO levels, white balance etc., so that all of these factors come together harmoniously in producing great shots! It is possible with most DSLR cameras to save different combinations of settings, so look to utilize your custom shooting settings.


Capturing amazing candid shots requires both skills and preparation from me, your photographer — from setting up the right environment for subjects to feel relaxed in; finding suitable angles; being prepared for impromptu moments; and adjusting camera settings accordingly — but when done properly this type of photography can produce truly stunning results! I love seeing which shots resonate the most with my clients!

I would be thrilled to help you with your next event!


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